ROC, Inc. Opportunity Fund

The principal objective of the Fund is to maximize total return on capital by seeking capital appreciation and, from time to time, net income from cash flow generation from a diversified portfolio of revenue producing real estate assets, including properties and notes. [read more]

Key Personnel of the Fund

Michael S. Siurek

Mr. Siurek is President of ROC, Inc., a real estate investment, development and construction services company. He is also a major partner in ROC/MCS LLC, an investment company dealing in residential foreclosed properties throughout Chicagoland. [read more]

Doug Riccolo

Mr. Riccolo is an Associate of ROC, Inc., a Real Estate Investment Company. He has been a passive investor in several ROC, Inc. Real Estate ventures over the past 15 years, and has recently transitioned into a full time position within the company. He is also a General Partner in several of the ROC, Inc. sponsored investments. [read more]